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How did you hear about us?

Fantastic!  We love to hear people are recommending us.  Can you tell us who referred you?

We want to make sure to thank them.
OK {{answer_3708191}}, let's find out a little bit about your dog.

What is your dog's name? *

What is {{answer_3708957}}'s date of birth? *

If you're not sure of this, just give us your best estimate.

Please note that all dogs need to be at least four months old to enroll in our program.
What sex is {{answer_3708957}}? *

Is {{answer_3708957}} spayed?

Is {{answer_3708957}} neutered?

Do you plan on scheduling this procedure for {{answer_3708957}}?

We do require that all dogs over 7 months old be spayed/neutered, in order attend our program.
What breed is {{answer_3708957}}? *

If {{answer_3708957}}is a mixed breed, please let us know what you think the two predominant breeds are.
What color is {{answer_3708957}}?

How much does {{answer_3708957}} weigh? (in lbs)

No need to stop and try to get {{answer_3708957}} to sit still on the scale.  Were just looking for a close estimate.
What veterinary center do you use for {{answer_3708957}}'s regular health care and vaccinations?

Are vaccinations current for: (Please select all that apply)

Do you have an electronic copy of {{answer_3708957}}'s vaccination certificate that you can provide to us?

Great!  We'll give you a chance to upload the file before you submit the form to us.

Now that we have some basic info about you and {{answer_3708957}}, it's time to get to know you both.

That's alright.  We'll just need you to provide a current vaccination certificate before we complete enrollment process.

Now that we have some basic info about you and {{answer_3708957}}, it's time to get to know you both.

When did {{answer_3708957}} join your family?

Where did you adopt {{answer_3708957}} from?

What knowledge do you have of {{answer_3708957}}'s history before joining your family?

How many men does {{answer_3708957}} live with?

How many women does {{answer_3708957}} live with?

Are there other animals that {{answer_3708957}} lives and interacts with, in your house.

Tell us a bit about the types of animals and how {{answer_3708957}} intereacts with them.

Why are you considering our program for {{answer_3708957}}?

How soon do you need boarding for {{answer_3708957}}?

Please note: Overnight boarding is only available for dogs that maintain active membership in our daycare program.

New members will be eligible for overnight boarding after:
1) Attending daycare a minimum of two times
2) 30 days have passed since the first daycare visit

Existing members must attend daycare a minimum of one time every three months to maintain active membership.

Which of these best describes {{answer_3708957}}'s social experience with other dogs?

Has {{answer_3708957}} had any of the following issues previously in an off leash environment?

What reason were you given as to why {{answer_3708957}}was excused?

Please tell us which, if any, of these apply to the event that resulted in you dog's dismissal.

Is there  anything else you would like to add about this situation?

Next, we'd like to find out about {{answer_3708957}}'s health history.

Does {{answer_3708957}} have any medical conditions or physical disabilities?

Please tell us about the condition/disability, as well the current treatment plan.

What, if any, restrictions need to be placed on {{answer_3708957}}'s activities?

Do you currently use a flea/tick prevention program on {{answer_3708957}}?

Does {{answer_3708957}} have any allergies?

Please tell us about the allergies and related reaction.

Is {{answer_3708957}} easily handled by you?

Is {{answer_3708957}} easily handled by your vet?

Does {{answer_3708957}} like to be brushed?

How does {{answer_3708957}} react to nail trims?

Does {{answer_3708957}} have any sensitive areas on the body that should be avoided?

Please tell us about these areas and related reactions.

How does {{answer_3708957}} currently get exercised?

How often does {{answer_3708957}} get exercised?

Thanks for all that info, were moving on to our last section about Training and Behavior.

Has {{answer_3708957}} had any formal obedience training?

Which training program did you attend?

Which commands does {{answer_3708957}} know?

What percent of the time does {{answer_3708957}} respond to commands...

at home?


Does {{answer_3708957}} have a problem with any of the following?

Is {{answer_3708957}} comfortable in a crate?

Where does {{answer_3708957}} stay, when you're not at home?

How would you describe {{answer_3708957}}'s personality?

Has {{answer_3708957}} ever climbed/jumped a fence?

How tall was the fence?

Has {{answer_3708957}} ever escaped from your house or yard?

What reason, do you think, led to the escape?

Are there any types of people that {{answer_3708957}} automatically fears or dislikes?

Examples: Children, Tall people, People wearing hats or sunglasses
What types of people does {{answer_3708957}} fear or dislike?

How does {{answer_3708957}} respond if you try to take food, toys or a bone away?

What is the response if someone else tries to take food, toys or a bone away from {{answer_3708957}}?

Do visitors bring their dog to your house?

How does {{answer_3708957}} respond to having the new dog there?

Has {{answer_3708957}} shared food/toys with another dog?

How often does {{answer_3708957}} have off leash play with other dogs?

Where does {{answer_3708957}} typically have off leash play time?

How does {{answer_3708957}} react to other dogs, when on leash?

How does {{answer_3708957}} interact off leash with:

Big Dogs

Small Dogs

Older Dogs


What kinds of games does {{answer_3708957}} play with other dogs?

Does {{answer_3708957}} seem to prefer play with

Has {{answer_3708957}} ever growled at someone?

What were the circumstances?

Has {{answer_3708957}} ever bitten someone?

What were the circumstances?

Do you have any addtional comments or information we should know about {{answer_3708957}}?

Earlier, you indicated that you had an electronic copy of {{answer_3708957}}'s vaccination records.  Please upload those now.

Thanks for taking the time to answer all our questions.  

Your form will be reviewed by one of our new client evaluations team members.  We'll follow up soon (usually within 1 business day) to discuss the next steps for completing enrollment.

Have a great day!
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